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Perry is, to put it nicely, a bit of a mess. So they can hardly believe their luck when their crush, Lily, agrees to go on a date with them!

When the day of the date rolls around, Perry's all set: they've scrounged up some cash, and got a reservation at the nicest restaurant in town.

Except... where's their wallet?

With nothing left to lose but their dignity, Perry's determined to whip up a fantastic dining experience at home.

Sure, they've never cooked before, but how hard could it be, right?

Cooked with Love is a short comedy/romance visual novel, with crafting elements.


  • 2 pursuable characters
  • 2 routes, 11+ endings
  • ~ 26,000 words
  • ~ 15-20 minutes playtime
  • Customisable protagonist
  • Crafting minigame

Ruining your dishes/love life? There's a recipe list and endings guide available on our Patreon!


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CookedwithLove-1.0.2-pc.zip 107 MB
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CookedwithLove-1.0.2-linux.tar.bz2 96 MB


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I really enjoyed this game! The art and writing were really charming and I loved the interface design. All the characters felt fleshed out even though it was a short game, and the cooking was so fun!

Thanks so much for playing and for leaving a comment! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

the writing for this is so charming! it's designed super well too, i keep playing to find all the different meal combinations haha, it's a lot of fun! thanks for making this!!

Thanks so much! Happy to hear that you're having fun replaying it!


This was so great! I've only played through once so far but I look forward to unlocking the other endings. I really loved the part where Lily kind of brushed over the comment about her having friends. It felt unexpectedly real for the overall silliness of the game. Awesome job!

Thank you! We wanted the characters to feel real/relatable even if most of the game is pretty ridiculous, so it's great to hear that you liked it!


will there be a guide of some sort to help dumbasses like me ?

Recipe hints will unlock after your first playthrough!

As I also a college kid with questionable taste buds who can survive any clever mix of leftover food, this is finally the time for me to shine *evil laugh* (FYI, the  Fish and Crips receipe is rather similar to a dish known as Pempek in Indonesia, and the three courses of dinner aren't really working here :v)

And this may be the only VN where me irl desperately want to pursue a certain RO, but the choices in game leads MC themselves friendzone the RO from dating instead of the other way around. Here is a little self-reward:

Sorry to hear that you've friendzoned yourself, but glad that you seem to have enjoyed the game, haha.
(And that's interesting to know! Unfortunately, I think Perry lacks the skills to make anything complicated lmao.)

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This is adorable! I'm excited to play through. But (spoilers) how do you date Brooks??

Thank you, hope you enjoy playing it!
You'll end up having dinner with Brooks if you choose not to serve the dishes you've made to Lily.

That much is clear, but I too can't figure out what to do to date (like, in the future) either Lily or Brooks (I can't even figure out how to become friends with Lily). I replayed the game 10 times or more already. The walkthrough would be much appreciated!

Unfortunately we can't post the full walkthrough as it's a reward on our Patreon, but I'll try to give some hints:
- To befriend Lily, just be really honest (like to the point where it's kind of embarrassing), and encourage her to try new things.
- To date Lily, don't overshare, but don't tell any lies either. Just try and gloss over the truth. Try and show interest in the things she likes.
- To date Brooks, you'll have to be more vulnerable with your feelings. Try and pick options that are more romantic over friendly options, and avoid drinking too much. He likes maple syrup.

Thanks a lot! I'll try to follow these advices and then I'll let you know if it helped! ^__^

I love this game (and all of your other ones) and look forward to seeing more from you guys!

Thanks very much for your support! We really appreciate it.

This is such a cute concept, absolutely in love with it! Very quality work, and I'm excited to see more from y'all! :DD

Thank you so much!